Laws of Attraction + You 

The simple laws of the universe, of how it works, how it attracts like-unto-like, are never broken.  It can never ‘not work’ – it must always, and always does, work.  When we don’t get the results we want – it’s our being out of sync with the law, not something wrong with the law.  

Let’s fix that…


Magnetic Universe

The entire universe is always in motion, no matter how infinitesimally small the movement may seem to us with our beautiful 5 human senses.  The unwavering law which ‘makes it go’ is like attracts like…but also that there are dimensions.  Cooler, warmer, more active and less active – in unison.  There is the bigger ‘secret’ to using the law of attraction…

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Are You Lying To Yourself?

You’re trying.  You are putting up your best front.  You are really believing, and going for it – yet, notsomuch.  Not quite.  Your results, your life, your health, your love – just not what you really, really, in your heart of hearts and inner mind *want*

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Are You Trying To Convince Someone Else?

You’re feeling kind of alone in this.  Like you need some support, someone to believe with you – believe in you – feel it, see it, know it, hear it like you do.  But it’s just more of a struggle – and nagging self doubt creeps in, right?

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Isn’t There More To Know?

That sense within you where you know, you sense, you can almost smell and taste that there is more for you to discover about your power with your law of attraction – and it’s right at your fingertips

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